The Kraken

Step into the darkness and release the Kraken, Caribbean black rum crafted from a secret blend of 13 spices. You’ll feel it wrap you in its smooth, dark, and rich tentacles with every sip of caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla. Craft your own Kraken drink or simply enjoy one of their canned cocktails. 

Kraken & Cola

Taste: Rich vanilla and caramel balanced with cola spices

Pairs well with: Beach days and warm summer nights 

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<h1>Kraken &amp; Cola</h1>

Kraken & Ginger Beer

Taste: A bold, spicy take on a Dark ‘n Stormy 

Pairs well with: Backyard shindigs and cold copper mugs 

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<h1>Kraken &amp; Ginger Beer</h1>

Kraken Rum Punch

Taste: Bursting with tropical summer and a kick of Caribbean spice

Pairs well with: Tiki parties and beating the summer heat

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<h1>Kraken Rum Punch</h1>

Drinks from the Deep

Escape another mundane happy hour with perfectly crafted, ready-made cocktails stained by The Beast and mixed in the depths. Crack open the Kraken.

<h1>Drinks from the Deep</h1>
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The Kraken