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A Vodka Option for Tailgaters

Karen Asp, Get Stocked Contributor


Americans take their tailgating seriously. A whopping 80 percent of the country tailgates every year, according to a study that’s frequently cited on the web. It’s so popular there’s even a National Tailgating Day — the first Saturday of September, in case you want to plan your celebration.

While food may be the main highlight of the tailgates, drinks — namely alcoholic beverages — are a close second. Fortunately, for cocktail lovers, beer is no longer the default because of convenience.

Elevating Your Tailgate

A cooler filled with Deep Eddy Vodka and Soda

The recent rise of canned cocktails means tailgates have been elevated to a new level of enjoyment and perhaps even sophistication. There are many brands offering canned cocktails, but if you’re a vodka fan, you’ll no doubt love hearing, if you haven’t already, that one of the fastest-growing American-made spirit brands has its own line of hard seltzers.  

Deep Eddy, the Texas brand that’s been churning out deliciously flavored bottled vodkas since 2010, introduced its ready-to-drink beverages, the Vodka + Soda, in 2021. Today, the line includes three flavors: Ruby Red, Lemon, and Lime. 

The base of the three drinks is Deep Eddy’s Original Vodka, which is made in small batches from 100 percent corn, making it naturally gluten-free. It’s distilled 10 times before being filtered eight times with some of the purest water so it has a smooth taste without the usual bite you might find with other vodkas.

A New Take on a Vodka + Soda

Like all of Deep Eddy’s flavored vodkas, the Vodka + Soda drinks are flavored with real fruit juices and lightly sweetened with cane sugar or locally sourced organic honey. They have a low ABV of only 4.5 percent and provide a light, refreshing, bubbly sip. 

The progression into the hard seltzer space wasn’t a difficult one for Deep Eddy. Vodka, after all, integrates more naturally into a hard seltzer, given that vodka is often served as a Vodka Soda or with another mixer. Plus, spirit-based seltzers are becoming more popular, often serving as a trade-up alternative to the plethora of lower-priced and malt-based options. 

What makes Deep Eddy’s ready-to-drink Seltzers Stand Out

Cans of Deep Eddy on ice

“From the first sip, Deep Eddy hard seltzers are the perfect balance of refreshing and flavorful. Staying true to the brand’s roots, they’re made with real fruit and ingredients - never sacrificing great taste,” says Hannah Venhoff, vice president of Deep Eddy Vodka. “As the hard seltzer category continues to grow and vodka-based seltzers truly take the lead, Deep Eddy is uniquely positioned to innovate in this space, offering new hard seltzers to our lineup for a simple beverage that is light, refreshing, and easy.”

Each drink is packaged in a 12-ounce can, four cans to a pack. There’s also a variety pack that includes three cans of each flavor. Because consumers of hard seltzers love to try new flavors and combinations, Deep Eddy is currently exploring new flavor options, Venhoff says. 

Deep Eddy wants to remind you to drink responsibly. A 2010 study found that after attending pro sporting events, 8% of adult fans were over legal limits. The biggest factor was tailgating beforehand.

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