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Classic ready-to-drink cocktails for the modern age. Award-winning, expertly developed cocktails consisting of all-natural ingredients, high-proof spirits and recipes full of bold flavor and sophistication.

Behind the Scenes

Cara Kamenev, Thomas Ashbourne’s CEO, steps into the spotlight to talk about their women-led collection of showstopping cocktails.

Craving the Limelight 

Meet The Margalicious Margarita: Freshly squeezed lime juice, pure sea salt, a hint of orange zest, and high-quality tequila.

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<h2>Craving the Limelight&nbsp;</h2>

Stars of the Show

Women-led Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits teamed up with top celebrities to curate their own iconic, expertly crafted, ready-to-sip cast of delicious characters.

And Just Like That…

To old loves, and new beginnings. Introducing The Perfect Cosmo By Sarah Jessica Parker. 

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Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits